Unikrew Solutions, a fintech in making

with a vision to make use of innovation and technology to improve quality of life

Digital Financial Services

We provide means to access payments and savings digitally that yields further benefits for financial inclusion.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning capabilities for fraud detection, predictive analysis and digital assistance to increase reliability and accuracy in our applications.

Mobile Banking

We provide solutions to financial institutions that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device.

Bootstrap Lab

As part of giving it back to the startup community, we support young innovators to quickly bootstrap and bring their ideas to life.

Cognitive Services

We help financial instiutions to digitally onboard and authenticate their users.

Data Analytics

We use data as a tool to evaluate what happened in the past for improving business strategies of financial institutions.




We are committed to drive innovation in fintech sector that scales and helps in improving quality of human life.


We develop solutions that increase access to financial services and promote financial inclusion especially in emerging markets of developing countries. We excel in developing simple yet effective customer experience.

Our Product Offerings

We provide solutions that promotes financial inclusion to unbanked sectors along with customer centric products for banking and other financial institutions. We use cutting-edge technologies to improve existing customer experiences.


FastPay is a platform that provides access to earned but unpaid salaries. It is not a loan product i.e. employees get only what they have earned. It is integrated with a mobile wallet in which employee does not have to deposit funds, they accumulate as employees earn. We front our own cost to employees, making it zero-cost solution for employers.

Using Faceoff, customers can onboard with Banks without visiting the Bank's Branch. The suites overcomes the security challenges of digital onboarding by using the techniques like CNIC verification, facial recognition, signature verification, liveness check and biometric verification that requires no additional hardware sensor.

Maestro is a chatbot that helps you to make financial decisions. It can be integreted with multiple channels like Facebook and Skype etc.

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